​Snooki's Pregnancy Has Really Done a Number on Her (PHOTO)

snookiThis Fourth of July, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi traded in her sky-high stilettos and ginormous hair for cute PJs, no makeup, a messy bun, and a baby bottle. Welcome to parenthood, Snooki. It suits you well.

The former Jersey Shore star posted a photo to Instagram of herself, looking cute but anything like her old dolled-up, Karma-loving self, along with the caption, "Goin hard this 4th of July weekend ... #momlife."



Since becoming a mama, Snooki has definitely toned down her formerly ostentatious image, but this photo right here could be the most "momish" we've seen Snooki look yet. Save for the leopard-print jammie bottoms, she looks like ... well, like the rest of us moms! Hair pulled back, slight look of exhaustion, baby bottle in hand as opposed to a beer bottle -- she really is just like us.

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She seems like she's been slooowly changing her style (and, more importantly, her image) since becoming a mom to her adorable boy, Lorenzo. But ever since Snooki announced her second pregnancy, she really seems to have left all traces of her Jersey Shore past behind. Everything from the way she dresses to the things she talks about on Instagram and Twitter is just so ... relatable. It's nice to see her looking, well, real now.

Congrats on your pregnancy, Snooki! Only a few more months to go. And don't worry -- you certainly weren't alone in being home Fourth of July night. Millions of moms with babies were right there with you, sister.

What do you think of Snooki's new mom image?


Images via Snooki/Instagram

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