​New Mom Kendra Wilkinson Is Only Keeping Hank Baskett Around for 1 Thing

kendra wilkinsonJust one month after welcoming her second child, Kendra Wilkinson is facing some major problems with her marriage. Rumor has it that Kendra's husband, Hank Baskett, had an affair with a transsexual model back when Kendra was eight months pregnant. But even after Hank's extramarital affair became public news, new reports have just surfaced that Hank and Kendra are still living together!

She's the mom to a newborn baby girl and 4-year-old Hank, Jr., so it's no secret that she needs help with the children. And it looks like that is what has been keeping the couple of four years living under the same roof.


According to new reports, that does not mean that the couple is reconciling. Instead it's a simple sign that Hank "needs to help out," says the source. US Weekly also notes that the children are her top priority and she is "doing what she needs to do" to get through the situation.

Having a newborn is exhausting. But having a newborn and doing it alone is infinitely more difficult, especially with a big kid as well. Taking it day-by-day, especially when dealing with babies, is paramount. New problems arise daily, and the constant stress and attention require non-stop care. No mom should be afraid to ask for help, and fathers should be parenting no matter what the relationship status is with their children's mother. It's good to see them focusing on their kids.

But as draining and taxing as caring for a family may be, it's also important for women to remember that they should feel empowered and not be forced to stay with a jerk because she just had his child. Dads aren't the only ones who can lend a hand with a new baby. And plenty of single mothers the world over do it alone -- and do it well!

Our hearts go out to her right now!

Any mom been in a similar situation? What's your best tip for a new mother going through marital strife?


Image via kendra_wilkinson_baskett/Instagram

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