Pregnant Kelly Rowland Has Aggressive Workout Routine Many Are Questioning (PHOTOS)

kelly rowlandBeyonce's pal and Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland is pregnant with her first baby. She and boyfriend Tim Witherspoon made the happy announcement earlier this month with an adorable photo of daddy and baby Air Jordans.

Kelly posted this beautiful photo of herself and wow does she look incredible or what?! Unlike me when I was pregnant, Kelly is working out ... a lot it seems. I thought a workout involved walking to the store to buy cookies and then walking back and propping myself on the couch to enjoy them. (I had twins. I was hungry. I only did this once in a while, therefore I rarely worked out.) Kelly, though, goes all out with personal trainers in what seems to be an aggressive workout that has some people talking.


The 33-year-old sure is impressing me. I think she has that amazing pregnancy energy that comes in only to soon be replaced by pregnancy lethargy. Only to be replaced again by energy. It's clear she wants to stay in shape, and maybe she worked out all the time before getting pregnant so she's really just sticking with her regular routine. She said of working out:

I'm in love with boxing and yoga right now. It just feels good, it's really empowering. I just feel like I'm getting my little strength back and getting my little jabs in.

I loved doing yoga during pregnancy, but boxing? Not so much. I'm sure she's not getting into the ring with anyone just hitting a bag. Baby is boxing from the inside (kicks, jabs) so maybe she and that little one are sharing a sport. And I'm sure she's listening to her body and her trainers on how to workout the right way when pregnant. So don't worry naysayers, she's smart -- she won't push herself too hard. She's inspiring me to hit the gym ... sort of.

What do you think? Too much working out for her when pregnant? Do you workout, too?


Image via Kelly Rowland/Instagram

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