Kate Gosselin's Birthday Gift for Sextuplets Puts Other Moms to Shame

Kate Gosselin and sextuplets

OMG. She must have wanted to ensure that her children view her as "Mother of the Year" from here on out -- because Kate Gosselin's birthday gift for her sextuplets is seriously as amazing as it gets.

Most of us have scratched our heads over how in the heck she manages to keep up with all those kids during a regular day -- but birthdays are a whole other story! I mean ... what can you possibly buy for sextuplets that will delight all of them without having to go out and purchase six separate gifts?!?

Well, if you're Kate, you buy 'em a John Deere Gator. Yes, a legit John Deere Gator ... not a toy one.


Check it out.

Gosselin sextuplets

Do those kids look like they're having the time of their life or what?!?

Considering the price of a Gator on the John Deere website starts at $5,800 (STARTS!), this is not the gift just any mom is going to shell out for. But it will certainly come in handy as far as getting around on that big piece of property they live on. Plus, it's something they can all enjoy together, which is pretty cool. When you're a mom of multiples, group gifts are a lifesaver!

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Some people are questioning Kate's gift, but the older kids get, the harder they are to buy for. The expense of their "asks" goes up, and they're no longer content just playing with the box. And if you think you have it hard birthday shopping for one tween, try buying for six of them at once!

Would you ever buy something like this for your kids?


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