Kate Gosselin's Message for Single Moms Makes Us Kind of Like Her​

kate gosselinThe reality of what being a single mom is really about doesn't hit you until you are a single mother. You can catch a glimpse into what it's like to be a single mom for a weekend if you aren't really single and your partner is away for work, but there is an end in sight. After a few months of being a single mom, you really feel it. Sure, you slip into new routines and the kids gets older, and while their needs change, there are always needs. Mom, I need this. Mom, can you help me with that? Mom. Mom. Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom. Mom is all there is at home.

I've been a single mom of twins (now 4) for over a year now. Being a single mom brings on unique challenges, though I know we all have different challenges in whatever situation we are in (single, married, whatever). But when I hear Kate Gosselin talk about her challenges being a single mom, I wonder how she even remembers to get dressed every day. Kate, as we know, has eight kids. She admits that single motherhood is not ideal.


She has eight kids. Eight kids! I cannot stop repeating that in my head. Eight versus one. Sure, motherhood isn't a game, but it can be a sport sometimes, and just thinking about having eight kids needing something all day every day makes my head spin. You have my support, Kate. All single mothers have my support -- we need to stick together and send out good thoughts for each other whether we have one kid or many. I have two and there are days my head spins wildly. Kate said in a sneak peek for a new TLC special:

I'm one of many single moms out there. It's not ideal. On a very busy day where the logistics aren't lining up -- I have to be here to pick this kid up and I have to be there to do whatever, that happens so often now I can't even tell you. It's really easy to feel like just saying, 'It's too much. There's me and there's eight kids.'

I don't think an hour goes by that I'm not reminded that those odds are completely unbalanced.

Kate has been a single mom for about five years now and it's clear something like this just doesn't get easier. Kate has also said how she knows she isn't "superwoman." She shared, "I cry behind closed doors, I struggle. But I have to remind myself, this is my one shot. You're going to mess up. Just don't give up." 

And that's what we do as mothers. All mothers -- single or not. We never give up.

How do you make it work as a single mom? What are your greatest challenges as a mother?


Image via Kate Gosselin/Instagram

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