'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: Mama's Bad Habits Are Out of Control

mama june here comes honey boo booAs the matriarch of the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo family, Mama June wears a lot of hats. She's a mother, a partner, a BINGO-er, and a couponer. But on tonight's episodes, she was also the family's cause of stress.

Sugar Bear hasn't been working lately because he has severe dizzy spells. And the source of those troubling medical problems? None other than his baby mama. So his mission is simple: get stress-free and go back to work.


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But June has other ideas. Shugie's de-stressin' is making her more stressed. Between his video game playing and his need for peace and quiet, Mama is bitchin' more and more. So the family decides to call her out on her complaining and bossing.

They all gather for a family vote and decide that Mama's constant yelling and commands are not helping anyone, including Sugar Bear. Plus, if Mama didn't yell and "bitch," they'd do things, Pumpkin says.

The only person missing from the family vote? Anna, who along with Kaitlyn, left last week to move in with her boyfriend. So to get her daughter started on her own house, June gave her the greatest gift she could imagine: her own couponing stockpile. Brilliant.

But in a sad change of events, the family finds out that their beloved dog China (Chi-Chi, Cha-Cha, maybe?) was hit by a car and passed away. Naturally, Shugie's stress multiplied.

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In the second episode of the evening, we found out that another one of Mama's habits has gotten worse. Since Kaitlyn left, June has had much more time on her hands, so she's been couponing more and more. So much so that it's spread to the bedrooms and living room. It's no longer contained in the family's stockroom/dining room. It's everywhere.

And with Anna leaving, the extra space is totally up for grabs. All the girls start clamoring over who will get the bigger room, and Mama's rule is simple: whoever is on their best behavior will get the room. Force them to be nice to each other, right? Whatever gets the job done.

But turns out, it's all somewhat for nothing because the family will be hosting a house guest. That's right. Uncle Poodle (shh, it's a Poodle) will be moving into the house to stay with Alana and the fam. Bring on the pranks already, please!

Do you think Mama's complaining and couponing are out of control?


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