Pregnant Christina Aguilera's Selfie Is Hot, Hot, Hot (PHOTO)

Christina AguileraAh summer and pregnancy. Two things that do not mix well ... usually. But Christina Aguilera has a message for all you fellow preggos right now! You can still look hot when it's hot, hot, hot outside!

The singer, who is expecting her second child, first with fiance Matthew Rutler, shared a photo of her growing baby bump on Twitter this week that has the Internet abuzz for exactly that reason. Despite being heavily pregnant, Aguilera made reference to the first day of summer ... like it's a good thing! Check this mama out:




And OK, yes, she's a celebrity. But folks, celebrity women can't control pregnancy any more than the rest of us.

XTina doesn't look good pregnant because she's a celebrity. She looks good pregnant because she is owning that body! Look at that tight top that accentuates her bump, and check out that positive attitude. She's ready for summer!

How about you? What are your best tips for handling the summer heat while pregnant?


Image via Twitter

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