Giuliana Rancic's Super Thin Look at Emmy Awards Doesn't Mean She's Sick (PHOTO)

E! News co-anchor Giuliana Rancic has been through a lot in the last few years. She and husband Bill Rancic have been transparent about their struggle to become parents and the host not only suffered a miscarriage right before her third trimester, but underwent three rounds of in vitro fertilization treatments -- which is how she wound up, thank God, sitting for a mammogram and discovering she had breast cancer. She had radiation treatments AND a double mastectomy.

Rancic has had joyful moments too -- with the help of a surrogate, she and Bill were able to have a baby boy. But this can't be stated enough: the woman has survived a great deal. So yeah, she may have looked a little skinnier than usual at the 41st Annual Emmy Awards, but she still looked fantastic. And anyone who is quick to jump on the anorexia train should pause and think for a moment.


Rancic, who is 39, received a Fan Favorite award and accepted it dressed in a truly stunning white and gold gown by Badgley Mischka. Here she is with Mario Lopez:

She looks as poised and elegant as a statue, and her makeup and hair are flawless. But -- cue the hatred -- some of her Twitter followers did NOT have nice things to say about her. One person wrote to E! News: "if she were anyone else, you'd be talking about her eating disorder and the fact that she's so skinny."

Yep. Rancic is definitely skinny. And she may also have a fast metabolism AND maybe (just possibly), lots of stress that prevents her from eating really big meals or the 10 to 12 hamburgers that some people joke she should devour.

It isn't fair to automatically use the A or B(ulimia) card every single time we see a celeb who is much thinner than we'd like her to be. None of us have the right to judge how Rancic's body should look and assuming she has an eating disorder is as silly as assuming she has a drinking problem or scarlet fever.

Giuliana looks fabulous and, more importantly, manages to flash genuine smiles despite all that she has been through in the last few years.

Do you look at this photo of Giuliana and automatically think: eating disorder?


Images via Giuliana Rancic/Instagram, Pacific Coast News

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