Natalie Portman's Shocking Makeup Malfunction Is So Unlike Her

Natalie Portman usually always looks delicate, elegant, and flawless. But stepping out to the Shanghai Film Festival, she maybe missed the mark -- oops! No, no, our girl Nat did not have any sort of trashy wardrobe malfunction. If anything her ensemble was classy and understated, as was her stunning hair. Whoa befall me should I ever speak ill of Natalie Portman, dudes. The problem? Her too-white face powder showed up in a biiiiig way under the lights of the camera flashes. 

Ugh, this is a borderline epidemic! Doesn't it seem like some poor A-lister is being photographed looking like a drunk Marie Antoinette? When these types of photos first started cropping up they were easy to blame on HD powders that aren't meant for your average quick pics and flashbulbs. But come on, everyone -- we know that now! So why are we still over-doing our already naturally gorgeous celebs like Natalie? 


This 33-year-old mommy and veritable fashion-plate could probably even get away WITHOUT any foundation altogether! I mean, of course she'd want to slap on some face paint for a big event like this, but I doubt she had any idea that when she left the house for the day she'd wind up accidentally looking like she forgot to take off all of her Black Swan makeup, you know? 

It's not like this was the most outre display of powder on an actress that we've ever seen, but when it's an actress who normally always looks so pulled together and with it, it's, for whatever reason, even more cringe-inducing. Girlfriend needs to fire her makeup artist, stat. Or, if she's doing it herself, maybe step back and HIRE a makeup artist.

Are we being too hard on Natalie here?

Image via Brock Miller/Splash News


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