Kate Gosselin Will Beat Her Kids at All Costs

Kate GosselinWell, Kate Gosselin has managed to get her kids back on television, despite the displeasure of ex-husband Jon Gosselin. And if part one of the two-part Kate Plus 8 reunion special showed us anything, it's that the controversial reality star still has the ability to raise other parents' eyebrows. Take Kate's unusual thoughts on winning.

The mother of two teenagers and six 10-year-olds gets out and plays with her kids. We'll give her that. But what's a 39-year-old to do when she's facing the chance of a 10-year-old winning or losing a game?


Mama's gotta win.


Said Kate during the episode:

Hate away, but I've got a problem with parents who let their kids win because nobody is going to let me win. And while I'm saying doing your best, work your hardest, try your hardest, why am I then, in a fun game, letting her win?

You know, her argument isn't completely without merit, but it's the "nobody is going to let me win" part that is confusing. 

Because the kids won't let mom win, she, in turn, makes a point to beat their butts?

How ... childish?

The fact is, kids do need lessons about achieving and not always getting their way. Kate is right on that.

But there's something to be said for having fun too, for just getting to be kids. The disappointments of the "real" world come crashing down on them soon enough. At 10 or even 13 (the age of Gosselin's twins), kids have the right to still be kids.

That means having fun. It also means being a little selfish and expecting your parents to sacrifice for you -- be it by "letting" you win a game or giving you the last cookie.

You don't have to let your kids win EVERY game. That's not fun for anyone. But then again neither is losing every single time.

And isn't that what we want our kids to remember? Having fun with us?

We can teach them the big important lessons elsewhere, but sometimes it's OK to just let kids be kids.

Do you ever let your kids win? How old were they when you stopped?


Image via Doug Meszler / Splash News

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