Willow Smith's Creepy Obsession Means Big Sacrifice for Her Mom

Willow SmithWill and Jada Smith haven't exactly been your typical mom and dad. They've taken a somewhat more relaxed approach to parenting than a lot of people feel comfortable with, and it's even gotten them into a bit a trouble recently, but it's probably much ado about nothing.

They seem to have a nonchalant attitude toward their kids' pets as well, because apparently Willow and Jaden Smith keep tons of pet snakes in their bedrooms. OK, not the biggest deal in the world -- lots of people have pet snakes. But rumor is that not all of them sleep in cages. Some of the snakes sleep with the kids in their beds.

Jada never thought she'd be a "snake mom" but thanks to her daughter's persistence, she made a sacrifice she's now grateful to her daughter for.


The celebrity mom told Redbook last summer:

"I've always loved snakes but was afraid of them ... but Willow had wanted this one snake forever. She'd go into the pet store and pick it up and wrap it around her. I'd never touched a snake before, and I put out my hand, and Beauty [mimics the snake slithering up her arm]. I've been in love with her ever since. I said to Willow, 'You did Mommy a big favor. You helped me overcome a fear.'"

She must've really, really gotten over her fear of the slithery reptiles, because a source just recently told Us Magazine that 13-year-old Willow is "obsessed with snakes," and her 15-year-old brother "cuddles" with them in bed.

The source also claims, "She has 10 sleeping in her room ... and some aren't in cages!" Also Jaden refers to the snakes as his "girlfriends," and "they slither into his bed and curl up with him!"

It's always surprising when we become moms how much we end up learning from our kids. We think that we're the ones that are going to be their teachers, but it's really a two-way street, and they can teach us tons about life and ourselves if only we let them.

Then again, if my kid asked me to touch a tarantula, I'd running screaming in the other direction. Just typing the word right there gave me the heebie-jeebies.

Have you faced any fears for your kids?


Image via Willow Smith/Twitter

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