Emma Stone's Message to Paparazzi Inspires 7-Year-Old With Autism to Make His Own (PHOTO)

Liam boy with autism

Inspired by Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's efforts to give some kids' charities some big press -- and save themselves from the paparazzi? You're not alone! The signs the celebrity couple plastered on their faces, promoting organizations such as Autism Speaks and the Youth Mentoring Connection, have inspired a little boy with autism to stand up for kids like him. 

If you shared the photo of the celebrities because of their message, you're probably going to want to share the photo dreamt up by Liam, a 7 1/2-year-old who has autism, from Chandler, Arizona. Check out his message to Emma:


Autistic boy thanks Emma Stone

Liam, who is headed into third grade at Pieceful Solutions, a school for kids on the spectrum in Chandler, heard about Stone at school this week. She's an Arizona native, and as a school spokesperson said, she's "tugged some heartstrings" back home this week. He asked his mom what he could do to say thanks on behalf of all the kids on the spectrum, and she suggested holding up his own sign.

He chose what to say ... and where to have the photo taken. His mom then gave permission for the photo to be shared with The Stir.

As wonderful as Stone and Garfield's gesture was, if people are truly taken with their cause and truly understand the message behind it, it would seem more fitting for a kid like Liam to get to go viral. After all, without kids like him, there's no need for the charities like those the celebrity duo is supporting.

So what do you think?

Will you share Liam's story?


Image via Pieceful Solutions

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