Malia Obama's Summer Job Is So Much Better Than Your Kid's

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The First Daughter of the United States has gone and gotten herself her first summer job. But forget doing retail at the mall or babysitting the neighbor's kids, because Malia Obama's gig is much sweeter than any regular teen's. Instead, she'll be working as a production assistant on the set of Extant, a new CBS show.

That's right. She'll be working alongside Halle Berry, the show's star, and Steven Spielberg, its director. Not too shabby for a 15-year-old kid.


Granted, a PA job is no easy work. Apparently, Malia will be helping with computer shop alignments, but she was even able to slate a take. Not many PAs can say that they've done that, but then again, how many PAs call the President of the United States "dad"?

What a lucky kid! And let's just for a second note that she's not even 16. She'll just be learning to drive next month. But she has already found herself employment, a job her classmates are definitely envying. They may be camp counselors or golf caddies, but those don't quite hold a candle to her on-set work.

Plus, according to President Obama, Malia is an "aspiring filmmaker," so she's already taking steps to further her career. Can many other 15-year-olds say that?

Oftentimes, parents encourage teenagers and high-schoolers to seek out summer jobs. They'll learn timeliness and responsibility, will be kept busy and entertained for part of the summer, and might make some good spending money on the side as well. But they don't often get to immediately start working in their desired field. Now that's a nice perk.

Do your teens have a summer job? What is it?


Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty

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