Kelly Clarkson Gives Birth! Baby Girl Gets Name Inspired by Mother Nature

kelly clarksonWhen we found out that the adorable and sweet Kelly Clarkson was having a baby girl, the name ideas started flowing. What would she and husband Brandon Blackstock name their little bundle of joy?! We don't have to wait any longer to find out.

Kelly gave birth to their little girl today and the name they gave her couldn't be cuter. The first name is unisex; the middle name is classic -- and together the names are just so beautiful and nature-inspired that I think everyone is going to love it. It may even start a trend.


Kelly tweeted:


River Rose! What a lovely name. I cannot help but think of the late-River Phoenix, who was a tremendous actor. Keri Russell also named her son River. But for a girl? It's so adorable. Paired with Rose, it's one of those names that can stand alone ... like Angelina Jolie. Perhaps this child is destined for stardom just like her mom. River Rose!

I adore nature-inspired names. Forest, Stone, Clover, Olive ... all great baby names. Sending the happiest wishes for the new family.

What do you think of the name River for a girl?


Image via Kelly Clarkson/Instagram

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