Celebrity Breastfeeding Images May Do More Harm Than Good (PHOTOS)

jamie kingShortly after model Natalie Vodianova shared an insanely gorgeous photo of herself breastfeeding her son, Maxim, actress Jaime King did the same with her son James. In both pics, as you can see, the women look beautiful, peaceful, and like they haven't a care in the world. Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things on this planet, and these women personify that perfectly in both of these photos.

Except for the fact that this is so not what breastfeeding really looks like.



A few months ago, model Gisele Bundchen caused a massive controversy by posting a photo of herself nursing her daughter while getting dolled up by her "glam squad." The picture, needless to say, was iunrealistic and, quite frankly, a tad obnoxious. Natalie and Jaime's photos aren't anywhere near as unrealistic as Gisele's, but what's up with all the glam breastfeeding shots these days? They're stunning, but new moms probably won't look like this (especially Natalie -- come on!) when they're breastfeeding their little ones, particularly in the beginning.

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It's important that we see photos of moms breastfeeding and allow them to nurse their babies in public without rude stares or nasty comments. But it's also important that women who are planning to nurse know that it isn't all lounging around, looking gorgeous. Because if they think that's what to expect, but come to realize it's much harder, they may be inclined to quit out of frustration or feeling like a "failure."

The efforts organizations, celebrities, and everyday women have been making recently to normalize breastfeeding are amazing, and hopefully some day very soon, people will be completely comfortable and accommodating to the notion of a mother feeding her child in the healthiest way possible. Women who are planning to nurse need to get as much information as possible on the subject and see "realistic" images of mothers breastfeeding. Because as anyone who's ever breastfed can tell you: It's no walk in the park in the beginning.

If new mothers go into it knowing that, maybe it'll be easier than they expect instead of harder. And that's always a bonus.

What do you think of these photos?


Images via Natalie Vodianova/Jaime King/Instagram

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