Brad Pitt Lets His 5-Year-Old Daughter Dress Him -- Not Bad! (PHOTO)

brad pittCould Brad Pitt get any hotter? Yep! Angelina Jolie's husband recently stepped out in an adorable T-shirt with a drawing of him and his soon-to-be wife holding hands on the front. (Early Father's Day gift, perhaps?) According to reports, the couple's 5-year-old daughter (and star of Maleficent) Vivienne is the artist behind the drawing on Pitt's shirt.

Now, not sure how much I believe that a 5-year-old was the one who drew the picture of the couple, as wow! That would be really good for a 5-year-old! But it is a possibility, I suppose. And if anybody is familiar with adorable, straight-from-the-heart homemade gifts, it's the Jolie-Pitts.



brad pitt

This past Mother's Day, Angelina Jolie told reporters that Vivienne's twin, Knox, drew a picture of his mama as Maleficent, which she then had made into a ring. And, according to reports, this isn't the first DIY gift Vivienne has given her mother either. The little cutie apparently has made Angelina things like stationary and pillows for her office in the past. Adorable.

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Our kids may not be able to draw pictures of us in our costumes from a movie, but let's be honest here: The best presents really are the homemade ones. The macaroni necklaces; the crazy, insane drawings of us, where we look about 100 years old; the ashtrays even though we don't smoke. They come straight from the heart and are more personal and meaningful than any fancy piece of jewelry or gift certificate for a massage. They're the things we'll keep for a lifetime and look back on the most fondly someday.

So sweet that Brad and Angelina's kids make their parents gifts like every other child out there. And even more sweet? The fact that these gifts mean so much to the couple, despite everything that they have. Love it.

What's the best thing your child has ever made you?


Image via Bruja/Jeff Steinberg, PacificCoastNews

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