LeAnn Rimes Is the Best Stepmother Anyone Could Hope For

leann rimesEnsue Twitter war in five ... four ... three ... LeAnn Rimes recently caused a stir when she said that Eddie Cibrian's children are "her life." The country star, who famously stole Cibrian from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, has a history of gushing over her stepchildren on social media ... and a history of seriously pissing Brandi off for doing so.

On the one hand, it is 100 percent understandable why LeAnn's constant comments about how much she loves "her boys," etc., would irritate their "real" mom. But on the other, isn't this better than her not making her stepkids a priority?

I'm sure it stings Brandi every time LeAnn posts a photo of her children to social media (to her 550K+ followers) and talks about how they're her world, but at least she knows her kids are loved and in good hands when she's not with them.


Brandi and LeAnn's situation is unique in that they're A) famous, and B) both wildly childish. But the core issue these two ladies raise -- a stepmom constantly gushing over "her kids" -- is one many can relate to. Would that bother you?

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Ultimately, all any parent wants is for their children to be happy, healthy, and loved. And when there's a divorce and joint custody involved, sadly both parents can't constantly check to see if their child's needs are being met. As irritating as it may be to have someone else posting photos of your children when you're not with them -- and telling the world that they're their "babies," etc. -- it would be such a relief, knowing they're well-taken care of when they're not with you.

It's sad that LeAnn and Brandi can't bury the hatchet once and for all and just get along for Brandi and Eddie's boys. But hey, at least it seems like the kids are happy. What's more important than that?

Do you think LeAnn is out of line, constantly gushing about her stepsons?


Image via LeAnn Rimes/Instagram

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