'Cougar Town' Star Busy Philipps on Baby Naming, 1st Birthdays & TV Rules

busy philipps at banana boat best summer ever sweepstakesActress Busy Philipps may currently play wild child Laurie Keller alongside Courteney Cox on Cougar Town, but in real life, she's a mom of two girls, 11-month-old Cricket Pearl and 5-year-old Birdie Leigh with screenwriter husband Marc Silverstein. And though we often think celebs' family lives look nothing like our own, Busy's sounds as down-to-earth as it gets!

The Stir recently caught up with Busy at the Banana Boat Best Summer Ever Sweepstakes kick-off in NYC, and she dished all about her girls' names, their household screen time habits, and the low-key but completely cool birthday parties they'll be enjoying this summer ...


What fun summer plans do you have with the family?
We're doing a lot of beach time, a big family vacation in North Carolina at the beach, and we're going to have A LOT of backyard pool time. I have a basket of sunscreen out by my pool, and it stays there all the time, so we literally always have it. It's filled with that, and goggles for the pool, because kids come over, and they want goggles! I realized I have to go to Target and get 400 pairs of goggles in blue, pink, and green so that these kids can have goggles when they come over!

Cricket turns 1 in July. Is she having a birthday party?
We keep first birthdays really low-pro. I'm not one of those people who has one of those catered, crazy first birthdays, with like a Ferris wheel and whatever. I think that's overkill. Your kid is not going to remember it. It's also, like, there's something really sweet about a first birthday that should feel, to me, more homespun. So, we're going to do something similar to what we did for Birdie's first birthday. We're gonna have a little party in the park, and we're just gonna have some balloons and some snacks that I bring. Even though Cricket hasn't watched Sesame Street yet -- she's too young -- we had some leftover Elmo dolls from Birdie when she was a baby. And Cricket's obsessed with Elmo! It's so funny how little kids gravitate toward [Elmo]. So Birdie thinks, and I agree, that we should make an Elmo cake for Cricket, and maybe some little Elmo decorations. We're gonna invite a couple baby friends and a couple of Birdie's big girl friends and have a little party! My mom and dad are going to be in town. It's perfect.

How about for Birdie, who is turning 6, in August? Is that a bigger deal, more thematic?
For sure. For Birdie's sixth birthday, it's hilarious. She wants -- are you ready for this?! -- a Full House-themed birthday party. She's obsessed with the show. She just LOVES Michelle. She loves the Olsen girls, and she loves Stephanie Tanner. That's who she is relating to on the show. And so we're having a Full House birthday party. There is probably going to be swimming involved, and I think I have to make some '90s outfits for the girls.  

What TV rules do the girls have?
I like watching TV with my kids, and I hope I always do that, because I think you're able to really see what they're getting from television and what kind of content they're absorbing. I'm not a super-fan of a lot of the modern shows for kids, because I feel like the kids have too much sassy attitude toward their parents, and that's something that we really try to put a cap on in our household. But Brady Bunch, Full House, we even watch Andy Griffith and Bewitched, and it's a little bit easier to handle the way that the kids and the parents [interact].

What inspired the girls' unique names?
You know, it's interesting, because both Cricket and Birdie are actual names of people that have existed in the past. So it's not like we invented them, and I do think that people were sort of acting like that when we named Cricket. I'm like, 'Guys, there are plenty of women named Cricket!' While the names might be unusual to some, they didn't feel super-unusual to us. My husband really loved both of those names, and they were both, funnily enough, his ideas. And we had a thing that we didn't name the girls until they were born. When they came out, Birdie was 100 percent a Birdie as soon as I saw her, and Cricket, we didn't know what her name was, and after about four or five days, I said, 'I think you guys might be right, I think it might be Cricket!' She also did a funny little thing with her legs when she was born where she would rub them back and forth like a little cricket. Not that she's a bug, but you know!

How did you decide on your baby's name? Do you believe in 1st birthday parties?

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