Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Go on a 'Triple Date' With Kids -- Fun Times? (VIDEO)​

michelle duggarAnyone who wanted to go on a double date with their parents when they were a teenager, say, "I." Okay, the only voices I just heard are that of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. But does that mean their kids want to go on a double, actually, triple date with them? On Tuesday's episode of 19 Kids and Counting, Michelle and Jim took their 23-year-old daughter, Jill, along with her fiance Derick Dillard, and their daughter Jessa and her boyfriend Ben Seewald out for dinner and an etiquette lesson.

Fun times?


Of course, the Duggars aren't like most families and their children seemed to welcome Mom and Dad's company at dinner, but as for the rest of us? We probably shouldn't try this at home. At least not when our kids are in their teens/early 20s, because let's be honest, teens are pretty much the worst.

I'm sure some of you are blessed with non-sarcastic, un-lazy kiddos who don't think they and their friends are the coolest people on Earth and who would totally love to hang out with their parents with their sig oth, but that's not how it is for the majority of people. And, although it might seem hurtful when our kids choose their friends over us, as we all know, it's just a phase and it passes. Eventually, it does get fun to hang out with Mom and Dad again. But until then, why not let kids explore the world (within reason) on their own a bit? Why not ... not smother them?

Again, Jim and Michelle seem to be the exception, though, with children of all ages who seem to delight in spending as much time with them as possible. So, maybe we oughta take a page from their book? Not the chapter on having 19 kids, but the chapter on raising kids who actually enjoy spending time with you, regardless of their age. I bet it's got some interesting stuff in there.

Did you want to hang out with your parents when you were a teenager?


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