Bethenny Frankel's 4-Year-Old Gets Caught in Parents' Nasty Divorce

bethenny frankel with daughter brynBethenny Frankel's heartwrenching divorce drama has played out in front of the paparazzi's lenses since she first separated from ex-husband Jason Hoppy back in December 2012. Now immersed in an ugly custody battle, the former Real Housewives of New York star and talk show host took the stand yesterday for the first time. She struggled to hold back tears as she explained what it was like living with Jason and trying to raise their 4-year-old daughter Bryn together during the divorce proceedings. Sounds like Bethenny was living an absolute nightmare ...


She recalled:

Jason said to me, 'Get ready, we are going to war. It's over. We're done. He would leave the house in shambles. There would be dishes everywhere. He would pee and poop and leave it in the toilets. He would hold Bryn, and he would say, 'You're finished, you're done. I'm going to ruin you.' ... He would say, 'Mommy should be Ursula the witch. She's a great witch. You be the princess, I'll be the prince, Mommy will be the witch.'

What in the WORLD?! Hearing these nasty details should send chills up the spines of everyone in that court room. And any parent's, too.

During a divorce, you would think no mother or father would want their child to get caught in the crosshairs of their conflict. You would think they would do everything they possibly could to safeguard their child emotionally. But if what Bethenny is saying is true, it sounds like Jason did anything but that. Trying to get your child to turn against your ex? Horrifyingly low.

Bethenny's heartbreaking drama should only serve to remind us that having to contend with mom and dad no longer being together is hard enough for any kid -- even one as young as Bryn -- let alone being used as a pawn in one parent's twisted, vengeful schemes! If a parent wants to wage war in divorce court, so be it, but there should never be a question about one thing: leaving the kids OUT of it!

What do you think is the best way to protect kids from a nasty divorce?


Image via Headlinephoto/Splash News

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