​Scott Wolf's Baby Name Is a Blast From the Past

scott wolf kelley wolfActor Scott Wolf, best known for starring in Party of Five in the '90s, just welcomed the fifth member of his family with his wife, Real World: New Orleans alum Kelley Wolf. Already parents to 18-month-old Miller William and 5-year-old Jackson Kayse, the couple had a daughter on Saturday, May 24, a rep confirms to People. And her name? Well, it's just absolutely classic!

Scott and Kelley named their baby girl ...


Lucy Marie Wolf!

So sweet, right? And refreshing, as it's one of those mid-century traditional names we tend not to hear nearly as much as other more popular names, like Madison or Olivia. Although we should -- and we likely will! The name's use is on the rise, currently ranking at #66 in the U.S. and in the top 30 in the U.K. Which comes as no surprise, because it's simple, elegant, lovely! Really, perfect choice, Wolf fam.

In addition to the winning name, it sounds like little Lucy won her famous father's heart well before she was even born. She's practically destined to be a daddy's girl, as Scott joked back in November, "She will own me. I’m already mad at my boys."

Too cute, and perhaps even a sign that she's a star in the making. Could definitely see that name on an IMDB page one day!

What's another classic name you adore and wish was used more often?


Image via Johns PkI/Splash News

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