Michelle Duggar Gets Startling News About Pregnancy

michelle duggarJust because Michelle Duggar has 19 kids doesn't mean she doesn't want more. The reality star mom, as you may have seen in a clip for 19 Kids and Counting, recently visited a high-risk OB/GYN in the case that she and her husband, Jim Bob, are to get pregnant again. But. Here's the thing. At 47 years old, Michelle is fully aware that the odds of her getting pregnant again are pretty slim. "Conception is not totally impossible, but most unlikely," she recently said. And, despite her love of being pregnant and being a mama, she's okay with that. "My family feels complete and it's growing in different ways," the veteran mom added. 


Being that she has so many children, it likely isn't too crushing for Michelle to accept the fact that she likely won't have any more kids, but nonetheless, it is a rough thing for a mother to hear -- whether she has 19 kids or 1. Some women know the number of kids they want and are 100 percent okay with stopping -- and never looking back -- when they "hit" that amount. But for other women, like Michelle, obviously, it isn't so black and white. Hearing that you're "done" with kids -- when it's not your decision -- has to sting a little bit. The decision has been made for you. That little, gnawing thought in the back of your head can officially quiet down once and for all.

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Again, Michelle seems to have made her peace with the fact that her family will likely stay put at 21. And for mothers who don't have homes quite as full as Michelle, I don't think it's a bad idea to take a page out of her book and focus on the positives of your children and the beautiful ways in which everyone is growing.

Do you know that you're "done" having kids?

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