Gwen Stefani's Dangerously High Heels Are an Odd Choice for Baby Outing (PHOTO)

gwen stefani walking with baby apollo in heelsGwen Stefani isn't just a total rock star. She's a fashionista with her own designer label, L.A.M.B., and of course, mama to three boys, Kingston, Zuma, and newborn son Apollo. Which is why it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that she stepped out recently, holding baby Apollo while wearing sky-high heels. No biggie!

Check out the gasp-worthy, full-length shot ...


gwen stefani walking with baby apollo

Yow! Not that Gwen deserves any flak for it, because she's obviously used to walking in heels. Walking around like this, even with her baby, is probably like second nature to her, as she's rarely seen not dressed from head to toe in full couture and red lipstick to boot. But still, what a brave mama!

Most moms would probably think twice before doing the same. Stepping out in heels without your little one can be a treacherous feat in itself. But to add your bundle of joy to the mix? Scary! Wearing shoes like that only serves to amp up the danger of falling with your kiddo in tow and risking injury. Agh. And that's certainly not a risk many moms are willing to take for the sake of style ... Can't say I blame 'em! It's definitely a tough judgment call. To moms like Gwen who can swing it, more power to you, but most kids are better off with their moms stickin' to sneakers and flats!

How do you feel about carrying your little one in heels?


Image via PSD/Splash News

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