Gwyneth Paltrow's Kids Break Her Outrageous Parenting Rules (Uh-Oh) ​

Gwyneth PaltrowDid you hear an odd sound this week? It might have been Gwyneth Paltrow screaming in anguish. Her kids, Apple and Moses, were recently spotted scarfing down ... wait for it ... fast food!

And not just any fast food! Gwynnie's soon-to-be ex-husband Chris Martin reportedly took his 8- and 10-year-old out for French fries. Greasy, carb-laden French fries. So much for keeping her kids on healthy diets, huh?


OK, OK, hold your glee at one of America's most hated moms getting her comeuppance to a minimum, would ya? The truth is, GOOP-y sanctimony aside, Gwyneth's infamously draconian food rules are not actually that uncommon. We've all met that mom on the playground who insists her kids just lurv them some kale and carob and wouldn't even think of touching a cupcake.

Let this big celebrity brouhaha be a lesson to all of them!

Yes, many kids love kale. But most of them also love cupcakes ... and hot dogs ... and French fries.

When you make certain foods verboten, instead of teaching kids to enjoy everything in moderation, you tend to set them up for just what Apple and Moses were reportedly seen doing -- scarfing down their unhealthy eats like there was no tomorrow. It's like sending a kid off to college who has never seen alcohol being enjoyed responsibly. They haven't seen good practices, and they don't know where to begin!

We aren't knocking Gwyneth -- or any mom really -- for watching what her kids eat. Kids should certainly be eating healthy foods! But it's also a parent's responsibility to let the "bad" foods trickle in once in awhile, to show our kids good practices.

It's during childhood that we learn to balance out the good and the bad foods. One cupcake a week, one piece of a chocolate a day, one birthday party full of sweets a month ... that's not going to kill a kid. In fact, letting kids indulge once in awhile teaches them how to incorporate "treats" into their life without going overboard ... you know, like scarfing down French fries.

How do you handle "treats" vs. healthy food?


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