Angelina Jolie Brings the 'Mommy Wars' to a Whole Other Level

Angelina Jolie has it good and she knows it. Right about now, many moms are nodding their heads in approval after reading her recent comments about how well-to-do moms shouldn't complain because they have far more help raising their children than single moms and those who have to work two and three jobs to make ends meet. Hallelujah.

As much as we love how Angie's words are going to put the Gwyneths of the world to shame, what she has to say is important for other reasons as well. Her mommy message extends far beyond women who fall within the highest tax bracket.


Be honest -- I promise I'll be truthful in return. Have you ever moaned and groaned because it was so unfair that you were expected to potty train a toddler while breastfeeding a newborn while trying to fit in the grocery shopping and doctor appointments in the same day? Yeah, this exact thought ran through my head this morning. And then I read Angie's comment and I now feel thoroughly ashamed.

And that's a good thing.

I'm certainly not wealthy like Angelina, but that isn't the point. Like lots of other moms, I am fortunate enough to be in a loving, two-income partnership with a husband who splits all of our parenting responsibilities. I would be a fool to take that for granted for even a second because it's difficult enough to raise kids with two committed parents. Maybe I can't drop $100 on steaks each week, but I can buy healthy food at a grocery store. I have health insurance at a time when delivering our baby at the hospital would have cost $17,000 without it. That's the very definition of being a fortunate mom.

And you needn't be married to be lucky. Any mom who has some arrangement -- whether it means help from grandparents or friends -- that allows her to work from home or stay at home is absolutely the luckiest mom on Earth. By the same token, moms who can actually scrape enough money together to cover the outrageous cost of daycare is a hero in my eyes.

It isn't all about money, either. Without good health, we have absolutely nothing. The next time I feel like complaining about how my 2-month-old wants to nurse constantly, I should stop and consider a friend of mine whose toddler was recently diagnosed with leukemia. She would give up every night of sleep from now until her last day on Earth if it meant her daughter wouldn't suffer from a disease.

We can have all of the fortune in the world, but if we don't exhibit the graciousness modeled by someone like Angelina, we'll never realize how good we have it.

Do you ever take your good fortune as a mom for granted? What are you most thankful for?


Image via Angelina Jolie/Instagram

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