Halle Berry Shares the Graphic Truth About Breastfeeding Baby Boy (VIDEO)

halle berry mimicking maceo breastfeeding ellenHalle Berry made headlines galore when she gave birth to her son Maceo at the age of 47. Yesterday, she sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to discuss not only the shock factor of finding out that she was both premenopasual and pregnant, but how her little boy is so different from his big sis, 6-year-old Nahla ... especially when it comes to breastfeeding!

Halle boiled the funny differences down to nursing a girl vs. a boy. She even hilariously reenacted her breastfeeding experiences with both Nahla and Maceo, explaining, "When I would put Nahla on the boob, she would [have] a nice little girly suck. Him ... he's like sucking the life out of me!"

Check it out ...


Ha! Love how Halle is able to laugh at herself and the trials and tribulations she's encountered through the various phases and stages of motherhood.

This is also further, really funny proof that boys and girls are definitely different in some ways from the get-go. And every kid is so different. It's pretty much impossible to assume that your second or third kiddo will be anything like your first! Even when it comes to something like breastfeeding. Definitely a case to do your best to just go with the flow -- even if that means one of your babies doing his darnedest to "suck the life" out of you!

How were your kids different when it came to breastfeeding?


Image via EllenTV.com

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