Sandra Bullock's Surprising Advice to Graduates: 'Don't Pick Your Nose' (VIDEO)

sandra bullock commencement address at warren easton high schoolThe Class of 2014 at Warren Easton High School in New Orleans never saw it coming! But out of the blue, the graduating seniors were treated to an unforgettable commencement address by ... Sandra Bullock!

Yep, the Oscar-winning actress herself -- who adopted the Louisiana charter school after Hurricane Katrina -- "blind-sided" the students by sneaking on stage and surprising graduates with a speech. It was equal parts inspiring and hilarious, sharing advice she wished people had told her when she was younger and that she now gives her 4-year-old son Louis.

In other words, it made for a must-watch video! Check it out ...



Amazing! Even more so because -- sad but true -- it's rare for commencement addresses to offer teens concrete tips about how to make it in the real world. There's often a lot of nebulous talk about going after your dreams and pulling yourself up by the boot straps. All of that is terrific, too, but it's even better, of course, when kids can walk away feeling like they learned something specific that will help them succeed in the years ahead. And Sandra got right down to those nitty-gritty basics here -- you know, dancing every day, eating something green every day, and obviously, not picking your nose in public. Ha.

No doubt these students will remember Sandra's warm words of wisdom for decades to come!

What specific tips do you think teens should hear upon graduating?


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