Michelle Duggar Is Taking Her Latest Pregnancy Very Seriously (VIDEO)

michelle duggarDespite having 19 beautiful kids already, and despite her last pregnancy sadly ending in a miscarriage at 19 weeks, Michelle Duggar is thinking about getting pregnant again. In a preview clip for 19 Kids & Counting, Michelle and Jim Bob visit a fertility doctor to find out if it's safe and possible for Michelle to get pregnant again at the age of 47. Having another child at almost 50 (particularly when you have 19 already) isn't everyone's cup of tea, but fact of the matter is, Michelle and Jim Bob don't believe in birth control. So, if they do happen to get pregnant again, it's smart to go into things armed with knowledge in order to be as safe as possible.

Here's a clip of Michelle's trip to a high-risk OB-GYN in Little Rock, Arkansas. As she puts it, she wants to know if there are things she needs to do health-wise "just to be ready to catch a baby if God saw fit to give [them] one."


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I've gotta say, it is slightly surprising that, even after her miscarriage and life-threatening preeclampsia in 2010, Michelle still isn't "done" having children. Though, again, when you decide you want more kids later on in life when you're considered "high risk," it's wise to be prepared for any and all outcomes, and to arm yourself with good, specialized medical care. There are obvious risks, as Michelle's doctor explained, to having children the older you get, so being knowledgeable and ready can only put the odds in your, and your baby's, favor.

If Michelle does happen to get pregnant again, good for her for doing her homework. And if she doesn't, I think she'll be just fine. She's got a fair amount on her plate already.

When did you have your baby? What do you think of Michelle thinking about pregnancy again?


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