Will Smith Announces Pregnancy With Another Woman -- Does Jada Know?!

Will Smith pregnancy announcement

OK, so how did you announce your pregnancy to the world? Did you spend hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfect pregnancy reveal idea? Pay big bucks to have a professional photographer create your ultimate fantasy? Well, you're about to be upstaged ... by none other than Will Smith!

And yes, we know what you're thinking ... but no, the Fresh Prince isn't adding to his brood. He and Jada Pinkett-Smith already have their hands full with a house full of teenagers. But Will did help a mom named Emily surprise her friends and family with some very big news. Check it out:


Will Smith pregnancy announcement

We're not sure who's more excited in this picture -- Emily or Will! He's such a sweet celeb to do it, and the mama-to-be got herself a two-fer out of this. She gets to share her star sighting AND her big news.

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Emily's friend shared the photo on Reddit with a joke about how "fresh" her announcement was, and we tend to agree -- it's certainly a nice change from the ol' photo of a peed-on stick on Facebook (enough with that already folks, come on!).

What's the cutest pregnancy announcement you've seen lately? Does it top Emily and Will?


Image via imgur

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