Emily Blunt Admits Breastfeeding is Like Something Out of a 'Horror Movie'

Emily Blunt was, well, extremely blunt recently about her experience as a first-time mommy breastfeeding her cutie-pie daughter, Hazel. We're all so used to hearing only positive reactions from celebs who have chosen to nurse, and there may be a great reason for that -- breastfeeding obviously has a good many benefits. But let's be real. It can also be difficult. And strange. Especially if it's your first time feeling the sensation of your breasts filling up with milk and waking up in the morning to find that your boobs resemble inflated balloons.

The actress didn't hold back on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and shared exactly what she thinks about breastfeeding -- and how hubby John Krasinski is doing his part as a good partner to support her.


Emily told the tale of where she was and what was running through her mind the minute her milk came in. It was 3 a.m., she says, and she was sneaking into the bathroom when John woke up. She turned around and gave him the shock of a lifetime -- two "enormous" and "veiny" boobs that were like something out of a "horror movie."

Ha! How many of us can relate to that quote, especially those of us who had a very modest cup size prior to pregnancy? My B's refused to stay put in a D-cup bra, and this pretty much happened overnight. Like Emily, I was fascinated by them and couldn't help pointing them out to my husband at every opportunity, like they were part of some amazing science fair project.

Speaking from experience, it seems some husbands aren't sure what the heck they should be doing to help out when their breastfeeding wives appear to be doing all of the hard work. Well, Emily says John has that part figured out and it's an idea all of us should immediately copy: he's the "burp king."

I. love. it. Burping a baby is one of the most time-consuming acts we have to perform and -- I don't know about your newborn -- but mine refuses to give in and belch, leaving me to believe he's going to internally combust or something. Some of us spend 20-45 minutes nursing, then add another 5-10 minutes burping baby after feedings and, well, that's a lot of time! Kudos to Emily and John for sharing feeding responsibilities -- and a big thanks to her for telling it like it is. Breastfeeding is def filled with surprises!

Do you remember what it was like when your milk came in? How did you and your husband share feeding duties while you were nursing?


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