Celebrity Asks Fans to Buy Her Expensive Baby Shower Gifts

lil kimWe often like to imagine that we're total bffs with celebs. Hey, I like to daydream about getting drinks with my girl JLaw, or chilling backstage with Miley (one can dream, right?). But turns out that one celeb really wants to bridge the gap between the enviable Hollywood crowd as us plebeians. Rapper Lil' Kim has humbly requested that her fans get involved with her pregnancy and has made her baby shower gift registry public so her fans can purchase her gifts.

That's right, Ms. Kim and her baby's father, rapper Mr. Papers have registered at Tiffany & Co., Buy Buy Baby, and Babies R Us. For anyone willing to shell out some hefty change, they're even registered for a $500 Tiffany & Co. sterling silver baby beaker, along with some lesser valued items. That way, us commoners can also contribute.


Now I get it, baby showers are wonderful events where family and friends gather to celebrate a mom-to-be's upcoming joy. And yes, there are plenty of prezzies. But usually, everyone that contributes a gift is in some way related, associated, or connected to the guest of honor. And above all else, they've been invited to actually attend the baby shower.

But the internet has been none too happy with Kim's gift requests. One Instagram user even noted, “Do you really need your fans to buy your baby shower gifts? Tacky.” Can't blame them there. If you're about to purchase a gift or send presents to a mom-to-be, you should, at the very least, be invited to the celebration, no?

And for anyone who does end up sending a gift, let's hope at the very least, they get a thank you note.

Would you ever request baby shower gifts from people you don't know?


Image via lilkimthequeenbee/Instagram

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