Sherri Shepherd's Husband Wants Her Baby - But Not Her

sherri shepherd with husband lamar sally instagramNews of Sherri Shepard's split from husband Lamar Sally was enough to shock fans, but now the plot thickens: The estranged couple is actually expecting a baby boy by surrogate. Apparently, Sherri is such a consummate professional who plays her cards so close to her vest that no one knew just how complicated this separation from Sally was.

Apparently, he's asking for full custody of their son, who is set to arrive in July and will reportedly be named Lamar Sally, Jr. He's asking that Sherri pay spousal support and only have "reasonable" visitation rights. Wow. Ugly ...

But while it's certainly heartbreaking to hear that this is all going down in the wake of their child's arrival, it's most likely for the best.


Better that a relationship on the rocks end before a child is in the mix. All too often, couples try to stick it out for this very reason -- they're expanding their brood, and they may figure there's a chance that in itself could allay marital strife. But the stressors associated with parenting may only serve to exacerbate existing issues.

And even if it doesn't outwardly, the alternative of sweeping them under the rug for months or years, while raising a child, isn't doing anyone any favors! Least of all a child who may need to pay witness to and suffer as a result of his or her parents' unhappy union.

Ultimately, even if a breakup isn't inevitable, couples struggling with emotional issues before baby should be cognizant of sorting out their baggage (think going to counseling together) before it could easily take a toll on their little one. Parents-to-be owe it to their child to be in the best emotional shape they can, and honing a happy, healthy, stable marriage is a major part of that. 

That said, good for Sherri and Lamar for throwing in the towel and hashing this out NOW! Better that they handle it now than when their little boy is old enough to be caught up in his parents' heart-aching mess.

Do you agree more parents should be calling it quits before baby -- for their child's sake?


Image via Sherri Shepherd/Instagram

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