Ricki Lake's Comments About Formula-Feeding Could Surprise You (VIDEO)

Ricki LakeWhen Ricki Lake brought the world her eye-opening documentary, The Business of Being Born, the message was clear: let women choose where they want to give birth and how. This week, Lake and partner Abby Epstein, along with director Dana Ben-Ari, are bringing the world Breastmilk, a documentary about breastfeeding in America, that opens today, May 7, in theaters. 

The topic is different, but the message really isn't. In an exclusive interview with The Stir, Lake discussed one of moms' biggest struggles -- the fight for the right to make her own choices and have them be heard. And if you think the producer of a breastfeeding film is down on formula, well, what Ricki has to say might surprise you ...


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Did you catch this line?

“I think it’s about giving women access to the information and the support and let the woman make the decision that’s best for them. And to HEAR those women.”

Amen, Ricki! 

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Whether a woman wants to breastfeed OR formula feed, she should get to make the ultimate decision. What we need more of is support for women as they make those choices and less tearing each other down.

Do you feel like your choice has been heard? Who isn't listening?


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