Kerry Washington's Baby Name Has Special Meaning

Scandal star Kerry Washington gave birth to a baby girl ... two weeks ago! That's right, guys, it's impossible to believe anyone in Hollywood could keep such a huge secret for half a month, but Kerry and her husband, football player Nnamdi Asomugha, quietly had their little angel at a Los Angeles hospital on April 21, and the 37-year-old actress has kept mum about it since.

But now that the cat's out of the bag, we've been able to find out the answer to the question on everybody's mind: what name did Kerry give her first child?

And we LOVE the answer. It's pretty, classic, ultra-feminine, will remind you of royalty, AND respects her husband's heritage.


Kerry named her daughter Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha. What a beautiful, poetic name for a little girl! When I hear the name Isabelle, I immediately think of Queen Isabella. And I love the way you can shorten her name to Bella, which is adorable -- whether or not you're a fan of Twilight!

Kerry also chose an interesting middle name and one that may pay homage to her husband's background. Nnamdi's parents were born in Nigeria and are part of an ethnic group called the Igbo. The name "Amarachi" is of African Igbo origin and means "Grace of God." How sweet is that? I wonder if the couple gave her this middle name in honor of a family member or if they just loved the way it sounds. Either way, it's a gorgeous name.

Congratulations to Kerry and her husband on their new baby girl. We're sure she will be every bit as beautiful, talented, and seriously stylish as her mommy.

Do you like the name Isabelle Amarachi?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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