​Olivia Wilde's Public Outing With 1-Week-Old Is Risky But Worth It

olivia wilde sonA little over a week after giving birth to a baby boy, Olivia Wilde was spotted out and about ... with her son. Yep, on May 1, the actress was seen walking around New York City with little Otis Alexander Sudeikis strapped to her in a baby carrier (facing inward, sorry). The mama and son were likely getting some fresh air and enjoying the sunshine. Some may think eight days is "too soon" to take a newborn out into the world since their immune systems are still so weak (some actually advise waiting at least a month to take baby out). But what are mamas supposed to do, quarantine themselves and their infants in their homes all day? No. Who wouldn't be able to resist a walk in the sunshine after being cooped up inside for a week?!


Four days after my daughter was born, we took her for her first walk. My doula advised it, and to be honest, even if she hadn't said anything, we probably would have anyway, being that we lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment with no outdoor space (AKA, hell). It was May, so it was nice out. We dressed her appropriately and didn't let anyone touch her. It was just a half hour walk or so, and it was amazing. I can't tell you how awesome it felt to get out for the first time since giving birth. And, let's be honest, any time we put our newborn in a new setting, it's positively adorable.

Like everything with parenting, moms and dads need to be smart about taking their newborns out when they're so young. It isn't for everybody, but if you are going to do it, be sure to avoid crowed places where tons of germs likely lurk; don't let anyone who's sick or who hasn't washed their hands touch the baby; and dress the baby appropriately/shield him or her from the sun. No need to turn it into a major outing; just a simple walk around the block once or twice can do wonders for both a mama and a baby who've been stuck inside for days.

Good for Olivia for taking Otis on his first cruise around the city. My only complaint? That we didn't get a glimpse of the little cutie!

How long was it before you took your baby outside?


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