​Tori Spelling's Crazy World Is Starting to Take a Toll on the Kids

You have to feel compassion for any couple dealing with extremely difficult marital problems. Throw in a few children and, we all know, it becomes even more of a task to hold everything together.

Anyone who has watched True Tori can tell you that Tori Spelling is trying really hard to make things work with Dean -- and kudos to her for even wanting to try after he cheated on her. At the same time though, they're also working to raise 4 young children and keep them sane, even though they're being hounded by paparazzi night and day and, let's be honest, doing and saying some very odd things that they must know are going to get their names in the gossip columns. It's starting to seem like some of the choices they're making may not be in their kids' best interest.



Every day we hear a new juicy piece of gossip about the couple that, assuming it's true, is almost never something we should actually know. And their wacky behavior may be affecting their children -- Liam, 7, Stella, 5, Hattie, 2, and Finn, 19 months old -- I mean, with dad doing things like threatening suicide, how could it not?

The latest news is that Tori, in an extreme effort to keep her husband from straying again, has fired their very sexy, twenty-something nanny. Granted, this info comes from the National Enquirer, so take it for what it's worth, but if it's true, it goes without saying this is not a wise move for her to make at this time. Her kids are going to crave stability while one (major) part of their worlds is falling apart, and taking away a nanny that has reportedly cared for them since 2011 is not the way to help them.

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On her reality TV show, we can see that son Liam is beginning to act out a bit. When Tori brought him to a party store on a recent episode, the boy lashed out at paparazzi waiting outside of the store. This is normal behavior, of course, and to be expected. But isn't this the point where Tori should say, okay, let's turn off the cameras so we can deal with this in private?

Instead, we're actually hearing about a very different and super-weird possibility: that Tori and Dean are starring in an entirely scripted show and that Liam is actually acting in the role of an upset and hurt little boy. Can you imagine this being true?! The show's credits reveal that the children have studio teachers, which would only be necessary if they were employed by the show's producers.

It's also been suggested that the party store scene in which Liam flips out happened one month after his birthday party and was, therefore, totally fake. Whaaat??

Who knows what to believe at this point. If Tori and Dean indeed have all of these problems, none of which have been made up for the benefit of ratings, than it's a mystery how they think it's okay to coach Liam into acting a certain way for the cameras. And if they're all in on this elaborate lie -- well then, they have bigger problems then we realize.

Do you think Tori and Dean are handling their problems in a way that's healthy for their children? Is it possible their kids are actors on the show?


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