Ashley Hebert's Fast Growing Baby Bump Hints at Baby's Gender (PHOTO)

ashley hebertWell on their way to becoming the next Bachelorette success story (just like Trista and Ryan) Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum are expecting their first baby together. Ashley debuted her baby bump via Instagram a couple of weeks ago (and also , but has posted another one with an expression that says it all. Her baby is growing fast -- as is her belly.

It seems that Ash is a bit surprised by her growth spurt as it is quite an increase from her In Touch magazine cover photo also recently taken.


How many of you are guessing this means it's a boy?!? 

Ashley looks absolutely adorable with her top knot and makeup-free baby bump selfie. She wrote: "Baby is blowing up a balloon in my belly!!!!" "#preggo #stretchhh."

I think moms can relate to that. That stretch, those days that you don't know if your belly could get any bigger and then it does, and that incredible feeling that there is a little being growing in your body. Such exciting times.

Baby Rosenbaum is due to arrive in October. And dad-to-be recently gushed about his wife, "Whenever we're around each other, it's just easy and comfortable and fun. It's a chemistry you can't ignore; it's just there. I can't be without her. I don't want to picture a life without her." These two are going to be fantastic parents.

How adorable is Ashley? Did your baby bump grow fast, too?


Image via Ashley Lynn Rosenbaum/Instagram

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