Olivia Wilde Learns Rule #1 About Raising a Son

olivia wildeDespite having just given birth a few days ago, Olivia Wilde still has her razor sharp sense of humor. After posting a beautiful photo of her new son, Otis Alexander Sudeikis, the actress tweeted:




Hee-hee. It's funny, because it's true. It never really dawned on me until recently, but moms of boys have it a little trickier in the beginning, being that they're, uh, not really familiar with what to do with the male anatomy post- or mid-pee. I mean, with a girl, we automatically know how it's done: Wipe front to back. But there's a bit of a learning curve when it comes to little dudes, just as there is with dads and daughters.

I recently found out that I'm having a boy. As in a non-girl. This is old hat to many, but to me? Total shocker. I don't have brothers; I have a daughter; I am a girl, so the concept of a little boy is completely foreign to me. And I never gave a single moment's thought to the whole pee thing until shortly after my doctor told me my baby's sex (and saw my shocked face) and said, "Just cover his penis when you're changing his diaper." Yikes, never thought of that! Kinda adds another layer for first-time moms of sons. It's one of the few things of motherhood that don't seem to "come natural."

Clearly, I will get the hang of changing my son, just as my husband did with our daughter, but I'm imagining there will be some time before either of us remains urine-free during diaper changes. Again, it obviously isn't rocket science, but it's something for mamas pregnant with sons to think about. 

And, as Olivia pointed out, it's nice to think back on all of our partners, as well, who at one point or another peed right in their face. It's the little things.

Did you find it tricky when you had your first son? Any diaper changing tips?


Image via Olivia Wilde/Instagram

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