​Kendra Wilkinson Makes Moms Think Twice About Shower for Baby Number 2

kendra wilkinson lace dressKendra Wilkinson-Baskett's baby will be here any day now, and in anticipation of her little girl's arrival, her friends decided to throw her a "sprinkle," or informal baby shower. The theme of the day was low-key, in great part because this is the second little one for Kendra and husband Hank Baskett, and as the expectant mom told Us, "You're not technically supposed to do a second baby shower ..."

She's right. The prevailing thought on second baby showers has been that they're tacky, if not audacious and rude. But what about for moms who are having a different gender child? Or moms who simply want to celebrate with their friends? The solution could very easily be a baby "sprinkle" like Kendra had, a trend that's been reportedly on the rise for the last couple of years.


Sounds like Kendra's friends stuck to the recommended vibe of a sprinkle, which is suggested to be a casual, even co-ed party. Or in Kendra's case, it was more of "a bachelorette party," she says, than a baby shower, because she got "a lot of gag gifts." Perfect!

At the same time, regular gifts for baby #2 should be acceptable. Not anything they can borrow from their old sibling, but why not a couple new, maybe even "sibling"-themed onesies or a personalized baby blanket? Or something like the "We Love You Mommy" necklace Kendra was gifted? (The "we" being the extra-heartwarming part, of course, because aww, now she's going to be a mom of two!)

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No mom wants to ask people to fete them with extremely expensive staples they may already have from their first shower, but to totally forgo celebrating baby #2 seems ... sad. A "sprinkle" -- or a similarly informal, unique, laid-back, classy second baby shower -- like Kendra's most definitely seems like the solution. No mom should be ashamed to have a second shower like that thrown in their honor. After all, they're still bringing a new, little life into this world. It shouldn't be considered any less cheer-worthy just because it's the second time around. 

How do you feel about second baby showers? What about sprinkles?


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