3 Reasons Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move!' Program Is Fun for Kids

michelle obama kid reporters

First Lady Michelle Obama participates in a Kid Reporter gaggle in the White House Library during the annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House, April 21, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)  

Yesterday I was part of a group of 7 Kid Reporters who met with First Lady Michelle Obama during the 2014 White House Easter Egg Roll (that's me in the light blue dress on the left). We met in the White House library to talk about the program she started four years ago called Let's Move and how kids can stay healthy. As a kid, there are a lot of reasons I like this program.

Here they are:


1. You can eat french fries and chocolate. (Yum!)
"Splurging is the key to life," Mrs. Obama said when asked about eating treats. "How would you appreciate vegetables if you never had chocolate?" I think she's got a good point. The First Lady says that if kids are "eating right 70 percent of the time then having that splurge or that snack, it’s not gonna hurt you." Want to know what her favorite snack is? French fries! "I had a lot of french fries yesterday," she told us. "It was bad. That’s the problem with french fries – you can’t eat just one so I had like a bowl of french fries. It got ugly." (I'll be right back after I have a piece of chocolate.)

2. You get to play a lot!
"The thing we want kids to know is that exercise isn’t just hard work, it’s play," Mrs. Obama said. "I mean, if you're running around with  your dog, you’re getting exercise. If you're getting up and sitting down a lot really fast because it’s a game, that’s exercise, you know? Exercise isn’t work, it’s what kids used to do, which is go outside and play all day." See Mom, this is why I need a dog! And this is why kids need more recess. (Are you listening, schools?) I asked Mrs. Obama what her favorite sport was and she said ... tennis!

3. You get to drink water -- and seltzer is my favorite drink.
I love seltzer and any kind of fizzy water. It is the only thing I drink besides milk. According to Mrs. Obama, drinking water is really important. She said she started the Drink Up campaign to get kids to drink more water. "The more water you drink, the less room you’ll have for the junk and water is a better source of hydration for you guys," she said. "We’re hoping by encouraging kids how important it is to drink water, you won't want as much soda."

Mrs. Obama started the Let's Move program to get kids all over the country healthy and the main things she wants us to do is drink more water, get more exercise, and eat healthy. I'm glad she started it because I agree with her that kids across the United States should be healthy. If you are a kid (or a mom or dad) who wants to learn more about it, check out Let's Move.

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