Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Are Expecting More Babies Than We Thought​

mila kunis ashton kutcherThe rumor is that Mila Kunis loves being pregnant! Were you one of those women? I was ... except for the moments I wasn't. You know those moments -- the morning sickness, when all you want to do is sleep on your stomach, and when your feet get so swollen, they don't fit into your shoes. Sometimes all I wanted to do was commiserate with other pregnant women on all that comes with being pregnant. Mila has that. Ashton Kutcher's twin brother as well as his older sister are expecting babies!

That's three babies due this year around the same time for the Kutcher family!


Ashton's twin Michael's wife is due in December. And Ashton's sister Tausha is due in October -- just like Mila. This is so exciting!

This is the kind of stuff that bonds. If Mila wasn't already in with Ashton's siblings, this is it. Although who couldn't like Mila? She seems so sweet and friendly and who can deny the love emitting from her and Ashton? We already know that Mila is expecting a girl -- so it will be equally exciting to see if the Kutcher grandparents will have all granddaughters or some grandsons, too. 

When I was pregnant, three months later, my sister found out that she was pregnant, too. Being pregnant at the same time as my sister was even more helpful than I'd imagined. It was great to have her to talk to about exactly what I was feeling -- she and I shared so much growing up, and this was another incredible experience we could have together. We talked about heartburn woes, the best way to sleep, what kind of diapers we wanted to get, and of course the shopping for adorable baby clothes together. She was expecting a girl -- and I had boy/girl twins.

Now that the kids are all 4 years old, it's so sweet to see them all play together and witness how close they are. Of course it was a little tough when we all went through the terrible 3s. We survived -- together! Again, commiserating and giving each other helpful tips. It's just like Snooki and Jenni -- best friends pregnant at the same time. And they will have each other to experience and talk about their kids' milestones with.

Congrats Kutchers! There must be so much excitement in the air -- what a beautiful and blessed year for this family. The only downside is there won't be any hand-me-downs ... but they can save everything for baby number two.

Were you pregnant at the same time as a friend or family member? How was it helpful?


Image via kutcher78/Instagram

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