So What if Alicia Silverstone Thinks Her Toddler Will Be 'Sexy'?

alicia silverstoneAlicia Silverstone could be considered a "controversial" Hollywood mom. From her vegan breast milk exchange program to her premastication practice (chewing up her food and spitting it into her baby's mouth), it's safe to say there are some things about her that not everyone's on the same page with. And now Alicia has sent tongues wagging again by saying, in so many words, that she thinks her son will be "sexy" when he's older.

During an interview on Live! With Kelly & Michael recently, Silverstone was asked where she came up with the unusual name for her son, Bear Blue. "We thought that it would be really cute for a baby and very sexy for a man," the actress said.

And of course then the Internet freaked out that Alicia would use the word "sexy" when talking about her toddler.


I don't agree with everything Alicia Silverstone says and does. IE, I would never chomp up my daughter's food, spit it into her mouth like a mother bird, film it, and put it on the Internet. But I really don't see what the big deal is here. My husband and I gave our daughter an unusual name with a similar mindset. We thought it was adorable for a little girl and would be cool, sexy, whatever for an adult. It doesn't mean we think our daughter is going to be sexy (whatever your definition of that is) or want her to be that. We just liked it and thought it worked for both a child and a grown-up. I don't think Alicia is hoping her son will grow up to be a "sexy man." But for the record, she's right: Bear is a pretty sexy name for an older dude.

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I get that "sexy" is a weird word choice to use when describing your child, but again, Alicia wasn't describing her child. She was giving her thoughts on his name. There's a big difference. And if we're now getting up in arms about the adjectives parents use to describe the monikers they give their kids, we are in trouble.

Parents? Maybe it's time for a hobby?

Do you think Alicia's comments are weird?


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