JWoww Slams Her Experience With Pregnancy & Deserves Applause for It

jenny jwoww farley pregnant mtv movie awardsIn typical Jersey Shore and reality show fashion, pregnant MTV star Jenni "JWoww" Farley has been extremely revealing about carrying her first baby. And if we thought she was having a magically blissed-out time as an expectant mom, especially now that she's pregnant alongside her BFF Snooki, it's time for a reality check!

With three months to go 'til her due date, Jenni's taken to her blog to reveal a recent scare she had and how she really feels about being pregnant ...


The expectant mother wrote:

HOLY S--T! Pregnancy and me don’t mix. I keep saying to myself, 'how can women enjoy this s--t?!' I’m always on edge because every appointment I find something else that’s crazy and unexpected.

Wow! Way to tell it like it is, Jenni! She went on to explain that she was recently freaked out when a doctor told her that her fetus had a "small cyst on her brain." Thankfully, a specialist clarified that it was a choroid plexus cyst; the anomaly occurs in 1-2 percent of pregnancies. JWoww was later reassured that "over time the cyst should go away," which it has in the weeks since the initial diagnosis.

But in the meantime, she was "literally hysterical to the point where I was hyperventilating." So you can see why she may not be having the sunshine and lollipops experience that other celeb mamas like Gisele Bundchen and Sienna Miller would have women think their pregnancies should be!

How many women really enjoy being pregnant? All of it? And yet, we gasp and tsk and slam moms-to-be like JWoww when they show no shame in vocalizing the ugly, uncomfortable side of it.

I for one applaud her for telling it like it is. Pregnancy isn't necessarily a walk in the park for every woman. We should think twice before ripping a mom-to-be like JWoww for simply being honest about her experience. After all, plenty of other expectant moms should know they're not alone in feeling like pregnancy isn't one big, nine-month-long trip to the spa!

What do you think about JWoww's controversial comments? Did you "enjoy" your pregnancy?


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