Kristin Cavallari's Due Date Is a Complete Shock -- She Barely Has a Bump!

kristin cavallariHow far along do you think Kristin Cavallari is in her pregnancy? The former Laguna Beach star has remained mum (until now) about her due date, so it's basically been a guessing game thus far as to where she is in her pregnancy. Judging by her incredibly svelte figure and fairly small baby bump, I would have surmised that she was about six months pregnant or so, giving her a due date of sometime in July.

But no.

Kristin just revealed her due date, and OMG, she's tiny for how far along she is!


Cavallari is due next month! As in, she's eight, or over eight, months into her pregnancy. This does not look like the body of an eight-month pregnant woman. Especially one who's pregnant with her second child!

kristin cavallari

Unbelievable. We should all be so lucky. Kristin has been vocal (and visual with her Instagram pics) about how she typically eats foods on the healthier side and continues to work out. "I’m a very healthy eater, and I maintain that during pregnancy," Kristen told Fit Pregnancy. "I just give in to cravings more than normal." Some of Kristin's favorite pregnancy foods? Arrowhead Mills Quinoa Rice & Shine hot cereal; "Quite Cheesy" Kale Chips from Whole Foods; eggplant Parmesan; and coconut water. She also said that she works out three to four times a week but doesn't push herself too hard.

Sounds easy in writing, but for most busy moms, eating super healthy, organic food and squeezing in workouts four times a week isn't always easy. (Kristin sure is motivation to give it the old college try, though!) I've found a good way to eat healthy when you're pregnant with your second is to prepare meals in advance and always have fruit on hand. As far as working out goes, not gonna lie, it's scary this time around. But a few days a week, before my daughter gets up, I'll do a few exercises and I try to walk everywhere. Walking and pushing a stroller can be a seriously good workout. I think it makes a little difference, and it beats doing nothing.

That said, I seriously doubt I'll look like this a month before I give birth. This is damn impressive, Kristin!

How did you stay in shape during your second pregnancy?


Images via Kristin Cavallari/Instagram

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