Drew Barrymore’s 2nd Baby Shower Explains Why Kids Are So Spoiled

drew barrymoreThe lovely and extremely likable Drew Barrymore is currently expecting her second child in a few months. The actress gave birth to a daughter, the insanely adorable Olive Barrymore Kopelman, last September. Right now, Drew's excited, glowing, and can't wait to give her little cutie a sibling.

Also, Drew just had her second baby shower. Is that a little weird?


Now don't get me wrong. I love me some Drew Barrymore, but I really don't get the elaborate baby shower thing when it's not for your first. A "sprinkle" I get. A little get-together with a few friends to exchange onesies and talk about the exciting news of the baby-to-be, sure. But a full-on, 50+ person shower, like Drew had? Seems a little excessive.

If this were a sort of "goodbye party" for Drew, a last hurrah with her friends since she likely won't be hanging out with too many of them after the baby, great! What I'm talking about here is a second baby shower. With gifts. And a registry (no matter how small it may be). I really don't think that's necessary -- especially when the babies are so close to one another. Of course, there are instances when the friends of a mama-to-be throw her a surprise shower -- again, not what I'm talking about. I mean a balls-to-the-wall, fully planned second baby shower. I just don't see the point in it.

We live in a world where we consider today's children "coddled" and "bratty." We parents are constantly being told -- by doctors, by their friends, by the Internet -- that we spoil our kids, and we're going to turn them into little tyrants. (Come on. We've all heard the "I didn't do that when I was younger, and I'm fine" line.) But think about it: What example are we setting?

No, I'm not saying that having a second baby shower makes you an evil, self-absorbed monster who will turn their child into the same. But maybe we should all take a look at ourselves. How do we spend our money? Do we buy crap we don't need (for ourselves and our kids)? Do we throw parties for every little occasion just 'cause? The best way to teach our children is to lead by example, right? We can raise our kids to the best of our ability, but if we're buying ourselves useless crap every time we go into the store, of course our kids are going to pick up on it and eventually demand the same.

Again, I don't think Drew Barrymore is a materialistic, bad example of a mother to her kids. (For all we know, there were no gifts involved.) But the issue of big second baby showers does kind of lend itself to an interesting question that affects all aspects of life: Is it really necessary?

Nine times out of ten, it's probably not.

Did you have more than one big baby shower?


Image via Drew Barrymore/Instagram

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