Gwen Stefani's Unrealistic Body Finally Comes Out of Hiding After Third Baby

gwen stefaniRemember that time Gwen Stefani had a baby and then emerged about a month later, looking like she never was pregnant? Stefani, who recently welcomed another baby boy into the world (Apollo), made an appearance at Coachella this weekend, and all I can say is: Wow. The woman looks fantastic. Of course we mortals are used to seeing celebrity moms snap back into pre-baby shape in record time, but a 44-year-old working mom of three doing it so fast is damn impressive.


gwen stefani

Sure, Gwen is loaded and, although she seems incredibly down to earth, likely has nannies and trainers and nutritionists on hand at all times. But! With that said, can we discuss how it's much more difficult to get in shape post-pregnancy when you already have a kid? Or stay in shape during pregnancy when you already have a kid? It's hard, ladies!

Kids, to put it lightly, are extremely time-consuming. They're the greatest thing on this planet, but when they're small -- particularly toddler-small -- man, they will kick your butt. In a way, it's like having a live-in tiny personal trainer, who refuses to let you sit down or drink a cup of coffee in peace for five minutes. So, that's good, cardiovascularly, I suppose. But at the same time, having a toddler doesn't always beget the healthiest of lifestyles. From the lack of sleep to the eating the food they eat (string cheese, anyone?) to the approximately zero hours to go to the gym for a proper work out -- getting in shape can be hard.

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Again, Gwen clearly has access to things 99 percent of mothers don't, but I applaud her, regardless. She's a mom of three young boys who has obligations most of us don't have (like, you know, performing in front of millions), and she appears to be in tip-top shape. Good for you, Gwen.

Now. Show us the baby.

How did you get back into shape after your second (or third or fourth!) child?


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