Mike Myers Gives Baby Number 2 a Very Timely Name

mike myersMike Myers, A.K.A. Austin Powers, welcomed his second baby into the world Friday, April 11. Though, with the name chosen, it would have been so awesome if baby could have waited until Sunday to arrive. Meh, only the first of many times this little girl will assert herself!


She will, however, have to avoid being caught in moments straight out of a "Who's on First" routine. Why, you ask? Because mom and dad chose to name their baby girl Sunday Molly. And they're not the first celeb parents pick that day of the week as a name. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's oldest daughter is named Sunday Rose. It does make you wonder what's so special about Sunday?

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I suppose if you are going to choose one of the days of the week -- Sunday is the day to go with. We are supposed to rest on that day, right? Spend time with those you love, having Sunday dinners together. Hopefully she won't get too much ribbing from big brother Spike, 2 1/2.

This is the second baby for Myers, 50 and his wife Kelly Tisdale, 37. And Myers couldn't be any sweeter when talking about what fatherhood means to him. He told Deadline last fall:

I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I knew I wanted to be a father. I didn't know it was going to be this awesome or that my kid would come out so beautiful and lovely ... I had a great dad and always wanted to have the experience, and I'm having it now.

So now he gets all the love, happiness, and beauty -- times two! Congrats to them on their new addition.

What do you think of the name Sunday Rose?

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