Snooki Debuts Her 'Awkward' Baby Bump (PHOTO)

snookiShortly after announcing that she's pregnant with her second child, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi debuted her baby bump. The pint-sized reality star, who's due in the fall, showed off her itty bitty pregnant stomach at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards press junket in L.A. on Thursday. Snooki glowed in her jeans, heels, blazer, and fitted shirt.

I've gotta say, I'm both pleased and impressed to see Snooki wearing tight clothes and showing off her bump this early in the game. If my calculations are correct, she and I are around the same point in our pregnancies right now -- and it's still nothing but baggy shirts and loose-fitting clothing for me.


The early stages of pregnancy are a weird time, body-wise. Typically, women don't look pregnant during the first and beginning of the second trimesters. Of course, there are physical changes going on -- bigger boobs (woo-hoo!); a little pooch; and some weight gain -- but nothing that screams, "I'm with-child!" So, a dilemma at that point often is: To disguise it or hide it?

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With my last pregnancy, I "hid" it, for lack of a better word, until I had a proper bump and will probably do the same this time around. It isn't that I'm ashamed of my body, it's just that I feel more comfortable in loose-fitting clothing when my belly is at that awkward are-you-pregnant-or-did-you-just-eat-a-giant-burrito stage (and to be honest, I like looser-fitting clothing in general). Again, Snooki looks fantastic, but truth be told: If I didn't know her and sat next to her on the train, I never in a million years would assume that she's pregnant. I'd just figure that was her body.

Things, of course, are a little different with the second pregnancy, as women usually start to show earlier (I have a tiny bump now at almost 15 weeks, which was not there last time). I'm under the impression that in a month or two, both Snooki and I -- and any other second-time pregnant mamas who are due around the same time -- will be able to accentuate our bumps, and there won't be any question as to whether we just ate Chipotle or not.

And that's pretty exciting.

When do you start to show? Do you "show off" your baby bump right away?


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