Kristin Cavallari’s Crop Top Shows Her Bump Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

kristin cavallariKristin Cavallari is a beautiful woman, so it's no surprise that she looks fantastic and has glowed throughout both of her pregnancies. But the soon-to-be mom of two has just done outdone herself. She wore a crop top with just a few months of her pregnancy left to go. In public. And looked good. So good, in fact, that I'd bet many of you pregnant mamas out there will duplicate this look soon.





kristin cavallari

Such a cute idea, right? A crop top over her dress. It's the perfect way to wear one of those items you never in a million years would think you'd get any use out of during your pregnancy. (I'd love to see what Kristin could do with short shorts or high-waisted jeans.) It's also a great way to accentuate your growing bump during the final months of pregnancy, which is, for Kristin, unhide-able at this point. Look how adorably round that belly is! (And man, she looks fantastic for being pregnant and having a toddler!)

The go-to piece of clothing for any woman pregnant during the spring or summer months is -- yep -- the maxi dress. And being that it's incredibly comfortable, cute, and Target sells 900 different ones for about $15 a piece, how could they not be? But despite the fact that they're super comfy and stylish for pregnant women, they do get a bit boring -- and it is a little odd to wear one every day. Throwing a crop top on over a dress, like Kristin did, changes it up a bit, without sacrificing comfort. (Yay for the season of no pants!) And, again, it shows off your best asset: Your adorable baby bump.

Good call, Kristin. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'll 100 percent be copying this look of yours this summer when I'm seven months pregnant and going on day 3 of same dang dress. Now I just need to stock up on crop tops.

Never thought I'd say that when pregnant.

Would you try this look of Kristin's? What's your go-to pregnancy look in the summer?


Image via Kristin Cavallari/Instagram

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