Kristin Cavallari's Second Pregnancy Is No Walk in the Park

kristin cavallariShe may look fantastic, but Kristin Cavallari's second pregnancy isn't as easy as her first. The soon-to-be mama of two recently confessed that this go 'round is a much different experience than her pregnancy with now-20-month-old son, Camden. "[There are] more aches and pains," Cavallari said. "With the first one you can sleep all day, but now I'm running after Camden."

Amen to that, Kristen. That's something pretty much every pregnant mama can relate to. The second time around really is so much harder.


I couldn't be happier that I'm pregnant with baby number two, but man, it's exhausting being pregnant and having a toddler. With my first, I used to come home from work, kick my feet up, and take a nap. Now? The only time the word "nap" is used in my household is when my husband and I are discussing the thing my daughter is not doing. And going to doctor's appointments was a breeze, as the only person I had to worry about leaving behind was my shih tzu, who, at 4, was definitely old enough to stay home alone. We're very free-range.

But! This post isn't about problems, it's about solutions. When most of us get pregnant with our second, it's planned. It's something we very much want. We're happy! We love kids and we want more! Yay, babies! So, let's not focus on how we're more tired, less healthy, and more achy, shall we? I have answers for you!

1. The doctor/childcare solution: If you work and have regular childcare, always schedule your appointments for when your sitter is at your home/your child is in daycare. That way, you'll never get stuck in a last-minute scramble. If you don't have regular childcare, see if a family member or neighbor is available to watch your little one -- and make multiple appointments in advance, so you can give them a list of dates you need them to babysit. And remember, if push comes to shove, most OBGYN offices allow kids. Pack some snacks and toys (or give them the iPhone) for when you're being examined.

2. The tired solution: Cut yourself some slack. We're not big TV watchers in my house (well, my daughter isn't), but if I really, truly don't have the energy to jump up on the couch with her, or turn myself into a "slide," I'll resort to a half hour of Peter Rabbit or Dora. I'm not a fan of using a TV to "quiet" my daughter, but there are days lately when I feel like it's the only way I can manage.

3. The unhealthy solution: I feel like I ate much healthier during my first pregnancy. And it's no wonder -- the only person I needed to worry about feeding was myself! To avoid eating packaged, unhealthy food during the week, I (okay, my husband) make a big healthy salad on Sunday or Monday night, so I know I have at least a few days of eating healthy during the week. I also bring packets of oatmeal to work and always have fresh fruit, like grapes, pineapples, and watermelon on hand, for late-night snacking.

It's no walk in the park, but second pregnancies are manageable. And just think: You get another adorable baby in the end! As for the no-sleep thing, though? Really can't help you there. The only advice I can offer is this: When your youngest child is 18, you'll begin to have the sleep you've been dreaming about all these years. I hear it's totally worth the wait.

How did your second pregnancy differ from your first?


Image via Kristin Cavallari/Instagram

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